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Student Registration

To Register a Student:  

  1. Pickup a Registration Form. 2019-2020 Registration forms will available in the main office of the school as well as at the RISE program after school. One registration form is required for each student. The RISE program is only available to students attending school at that site. Please contact the RISE After School Program at your school for open registration date and details. 2019-20 Registration dates will vary from site to site but generally begin in May 2019.

  2. Return the Completed Registration Form to the main office of the school or to RISE Site Coordinator after school.

  3. The RISE Site Coordinator will call you to let you know when your student(s) will be able to begin attending the program. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. There are a limited number of spaces available at each program and some sites develop a waiting list very quickly.

Contact the Site Coordinator at each site with questions about the program and availability at your school site.  

2019-2020 Registration:

Castaic Union School District

Castaic Elementary School - Online Registration (Opens 5/1/19)
Live Oak Elementary School - Online Registration (Opens 5/1/19)
Northlake Hills Elementary School - Online Registration (Opens 5/1/19)

2019 Summer Program at Castaic Elementary - Online Registration

Eastside Union School District

Cole Middle School - English / Español
Columbia Elementary School - English / Español
Eastside Elementary School - English / Español
EnterpriseElementary School - English / Español
Tierra Bonita Elementary School - English / Español

Keppel Union School District

Alpine Elementary School - English / Español
Antelope Elementary School - English / Español
Daisy Gibson School - English / Español
Keppel Academy - English / Español
Lake Los Angeles School - English / Español
Pearblossom Elementary - English / Español

Newhall School District

McGrath Elementary School - English / Español
Newhall Elementary School - English / Español

Palmdale School District

Barrel Springs Elementary School - English / Español
Buena Vista Elementary School - Coming Soon
Desert Willow Middle School - English / Español
Los Amigos Elementary School - Coming Soon
Manzanita Elementary School - English / Español
Mesquite Elementary School - English / Español
Tumbleweed Elementary School - English / Español

Wilsona School District

Challenger Middle School - English / Español
Vista San Gabriel Elementary - English / Español